About Us

Strikeology Deep Sea Fishing

The Strikeology is the largest deep sea fishing charter vessel on Oahu. She is a technically sound vessel which is very comfortable and spacious. The Strikeology has a five-star US Coast Guard safety rating which ensures a safe and enjoyable deep sea fishing experience. The Strikeology is a Hatteras 53 which has a solid reputation for bulletproof construction. Hatteras looks at boat building as an art by building boats better and stronger. The Hatteras legend began at Cape Hatteras where winds can blow as fiercely as hurricanes and the Diamond Shoals are home to some of the most turbulent and untamed waters in the Atlantic. Hatteras accomplished their goal by building a boat that would handle these waters and still be user-friendly to a hard core fisherman. Hatteras boats are legendary and we welcome you to become a part of that legend. A proven tournament winner, the Hatteras 53 is built upon a rugged Deep V Hull, which became the industry standard for charter fishing yachts over 50ft. The Hatteras low freeboard fishing cockpit has not been surpassed for sheer fishability and delivers excellent rough water performance.


The principle behind NAIAD fin stabilization is to counteract the tendency of a vessel to roll with an equivalent and opposite righting moment applied in exactly the proper phase and proportion. These righting moment forces are typically generated from a pair of underwater fins, although other control surfaces are also available. Wave forces are thus prevented from aggravating the vessel’s natural tendency to roll. NAIAD fin stabilization provides a much smoother ocean experience which means less seasick passengers.

Enjoy your spacious bridge while you watch for the strike! Fish for Pacific fish like Marlin, Ahi, Mahi-Mahi, Ono and many more. The captain and the crew are well trained and very experienced. Your tackle is provided and no licenses are required. Refrigeration and ice are provided for your convenience. We have a complete galley with microwave oven, stereo, WiFi and color TV.

What to bring

Check in 30 minutes prior to your charter departure time. Please wear slippers or easily removable shoes. Also remember to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lunch and drinks. You can keep your food and drinks cold in our refrigerator or coolers. Please do not bring any bananas because bananas are considered to be bad luck by fishermen worldwide. We have an excellent stereo system onboard for your musical enjoyment. Motion of the ocean can sometimes make passenger sea sick. Ginger is a good natural remedy and Bonine or Dramamine are good over the counter remedies. It is best to take your choice of remedy the night before and one hour before departure.